FOSSFA March-April 2013 Newsletter / Bulletin d'informations de Mars-Avril 2013


• FOSSFA has a new Chair and General Secretary
• Senegal : Lancement du chapitre Sénégal du FOSSFA
• eLearning 2013 Conference ­ eLA participants ­ Namibia visa

FOSSFA December Newsletter

2012 …
Instead of just publishing News for December I thought it that it will be more appropriate to look back and collect important events that occur this year. You will be surprised to notice that so many things happened in our various countries and I want to thank each and of all of you who sent me activities report and pictures. Pictures mean more that words so I have managed to get as many pictures as possible. I hope we will have more activities feedbacks in 2013...

FOSSFA November Newsletter

Overview :

- FOSSFA at the UNCTAD 2012 – The Information Economy report 2012
- FOSSFA in “#OSJUBA ­ Open Sourcing a New Nation”, key participant at MEDIA & MAKERS JUBA 2012: Open Knowledge and Sustainable Media Forum

FOSSFA in “#OSJUBA - The world’s first Open Source City ?”

#OSJUBA (Open Source City Juba) is a project initiated by r0g / agency for open culture and critical transformation that seeks to apply the means and tools o

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