Successful participation for FOSSFA at OSCON 2009

FOSSFA's presence at OSCON 2009 succeed in shifting the focus of the convention from business opportunities to developmental goals and potentialities of Open Source for Africa and increased awareness about FOSSFA's mission, projects and activities.

FOSSFA's team at OSCON 2009, represented by Nnenna Nwakanma, Milton Aineruhanga and Silvia Aimasso, highlighted the potential benefits and challenges of using open source software in developing countries. Introducing OSS in Africa is not about adopting software free of charge, but rather about acquiring software that can be modified and developed to meet local needs and participate in the innovation process.

FOSSFA's booth at OSCON attracted many visitors and raised a lot of interest towards FOSSFA's mission and programmes. The majority of OSCON audience ignored the opportunities offered by open source software in a developing context, and asked many questions about FOSSFA's activities in the African continent. Many OSCON attendees expressed their interest in contributing as volunteers to the development of the African continent with their expertise and experience. Moreover FOSSFA received many donations from OSS professionals and business, and established relations with potential partners and donors.

FOSSFA is very grateful to O'Reilly Media for offering an exhibit space at OSCON 2009, and to all the people that came to the booth and sustained FOSSFA's mission through their interest, suggestions, personal commitment, or donations.

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